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Image by Elena Mozhvilo


Thinking of Surrendering Your Dog?

Midwest Border Collie Rescue understands that Border Collies can be a lot of work. We focus on rescuing purebred Border Collies. We realize that not all families/owners are able to cope with a  Border Collie’s high energy. If you would like help with behavior/training issues your Border Collie might be experiencing, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you. If you wish to relinquish your border collie, we can help with that too. We try to make the relinquishment process as painless as possible. We know firsthand how difficult it can be to give up a loved pet that has been a member of your family for years.

Each Border Collie that enters the rescue is placed in a loving and experienced foster home. Once there, it will be evaluated (checked to see if the Border Collie is housebroken, okay with kids, leash trained, etc.) in order for us to determine the best possible adopter.

If you can no longer keep your Border Collie and are looking for a reliable rescue, please fill out the relinquishment form

In order to process your relinquishment request, we must receive this completed form along with photos of the Border Collie you wish to relinquish. Please note that our rescue focuses on purebred Border Collies. Photos must be sent as soon after submitting the form as possible. All photos should be taken within five (5) feet of the dog at the dog’s level.

Three poses will need to be taken:


  • Full body shot of left side while standing

  • Full body shot of right side while standing

  • Front face shot

If the tail is not visible in either of the side views, please include a picture of the dog from the back, so that the tail is in full view.

Owner surrender dogs have a $100 surrender fee and we request that you assist with transport of the dog to its foster home.

Please allow up to 5 business days to hear back from us as we are processing applications.

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