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Image by Ayla Verschueren


Why Volunteer with MWBCR?   

  • We have been in operation for 15 years

  • We are 100% Non-Profit and Volunteer Based

  • We are a registered 501c3 Organization

  • We are 100% foster home based, so all of our dogs are rehabilitated through loving and caring homes

  • We focus on quality versus quantity… meaning that we focus on making sure that all of our dogs are as ready as can be for their forever homes, both physically and mentally

  • We have adopted out over 450 dogs – and average 29 dogs a year

  • We proudly take in the “difficult” dogs that other rescues pass on because they need extensive medical assistance or in-depth behavioral training

  • We adopt our dogs to families located in a 500-mile radius of Chicago

  • We are online based and have many opportunities that do not require a physical presence, and so there is a position for everyone

Positions Needed

  • PA (Potential Applicants) Processing – Assists with vetting potential applicants by calling references and discussing our dogs and organization

  • Foster Homes – A foster home provides a loving, caring and safe environment for dogs that are approved for rescue through our organization.  Available foster homes must be located within a 500-mile radius of Chicago, including but not limited to Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana.  If you are outside one of these states, but close by, please send us an email and we can evaluate our availability within your location!

Other Areas to Help

  • Event/Trade Show Help – Assists in showcasing our store and organization through vendor shows, acts as an ambassador to our group and educates people on Border Collies

  • Transportation – Assists in transporting dogs from one home to another, or from their rescuer to our volunteers/their foster home

  • Home Visits – Visits homes of potential applicants and potential foster homes to evaluate their home and help determine their eligibility for our dogs

  • Volunteer/Foster Home Application Processing – Help vet potential volunteers and foster homes by calling references and discussing our organization


Take this quick and easy quiz to see if you’ve got what it takes to become a foster home.

  • Can you provide a crucial temporary home for homeless Border Collies on their way to a permanent home?

  • Can your home be the place where our dogs can feel safe, learn to play or sometimes simply rediscover how to be a Border Collie?

  • Do you have the time and patience to help a homeless Border Collie that may have training, socialization or health issues?

  • Are you comfortable assessing a dog’s need for exercise and the ability to live with other animals or children?

  • Do you have enough love in your heart to take a dog into your home, treat it as one of your own, nurture it to its full potential and then let it move on to its next destination – a forever home?

  • Do you realize, with tears in your eyes, that every time a dog is adopted it opens up your heart and home to a new one that needs you just as much?

  • Do you have Border Collie experience and understand the basic needs and quirks of the breed?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, we need you! Our Border Collies rely on the dedication and commitment from caring foster homes. They need you and so do we!
Image by Glenn Claire
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